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Oct 26, 2008 · All times displayed are in UTC (GMT+0). Contents reflect the opinion of the author, not the Gentoo project or the Gentoo Foundation. On Saturday 26 February 2011 14:56:35 Dale wrote: > Mick wrote: > > Not related to the OP's question, but couldn't stop myself from asking: > > > > Why is/was webmin dropped from portage? > > > > I saw bug 348432 for webmin-1.530, but other than offering an ebuild it > > didn't say. > > From gentoo-dev: > > # Diego E. Pettenò<[email protected]> (10 Aug 2010) > # on behalf of QA team ...

ebuild - a low level interface to the Portage system SYNOPSIS ebuild file command [command]... DESCRIPTION The ebuild program is a direct interface to the Portage system. It allows for direct action upon an ebuild with specific subcommands or groups of commands to perform in a specific ebuild's context and functions. Gentoo downloads can be retrieved from many mirrors around the globe. Selecting a mirror that is geographically near you may help speed up downloads. The mirrors listed on this page contain installation files such as LiveCDs, Gentoo ebuild repository snapshots as well as distfiles (the actual program code for our packages). Aug 27, 2005 · cd /usr/local/portage mkdir dev-util mkdir dev-util/codeblocks mkdir dev-util/codeblocks/files now we need to download the ebuild and the corresponding patch from

Disclaimer: I am not a Gentoo developer and I have minimal experience with ebuilds and eclasses. I am just a long-time Gentoo user. This is my best attempt at an answer. I would avoid creating a new ebuild just to add the functionality you are looking for. Instead, you could set up a custom eclass which will set the destination directory. TexLive 2020 in gentoo Ten days after the official release it is ready for the wide testing and has been unmasked. The most essential part here is an attempt of upgrade from 2019 to 2020, it may reveal some missed blockers we will have to arrange due to files collision. Be cautious and report bugs! To create a Manifest and digest for an ebuild in Gentoo Linux Execute: ...

Hello, there is a bug in the ebuild. I am on x86 but the ebuild want the amd64 file. you have outcomment the x86? line. but if take the # away than it also fails. but if i delete the amd64? line and change this to the x86? line, than it is working.

Gentoo team assured that incident has nothing to do with the code hosted on the Gentoo infrastructure (or its official website). To explain this, they said: “ Since the master Gentoo ebuild repository is hosted on our own infrastructure and since Github is only a mirror for it, you are fine as long as you are using rsync or webrsync from ... Revision 1.17 - (show annotations) () Fri Jul 12 00:15:33 2013 UTC (6 years, 5 months ago) by pinkbyte Branch: MAIN CVS Tags: HEAD Changes since 1.16: +1 -1 lines FILE REMOVED By: Guest | Date: Apr 22 2020 18:25 | Format: None | Expires: 29 days | Size: 97.17 KB | Hits: 16 它是一個純文本檔案,而每一個ebuild都會對應一個套件(软件包)。ebuild會告訴portage要下載的檔案、該套件可執行的平台、如何編譯它、它所依賴的ebuild和一些修補代碼的patch。Portage內有一個ebuild大集合,稱為Portage tree,是gentoo網站所提供的ebuild。

[gentoo-commits] repo/gentoo:master commit in: app-emacs/ebuild-mode/ Ulrich Müller Wed, 15 Apr 2020 03:04:11 -0700

TL;DR: Gentoo’s dev-lang/ghc-8.2.1_rc1 supports both cross-building and cross-compiling modes! It’s useful for cross-compiling haskell software and initial porting of GHC itself on a new gentoo target. An ebuild repository, colloquially known as an overlay, is a structure of directories and files used to add and extend software packages for a Gentoo-based system's package manager. Ebuild repositories contain ebuilds, eclasses, and other types of descriptive metadata files. The structure of an ebuild repository should conform to one or more Ebuild APIs. The primary repository on a Gentoo system is called the Gentoo ebuild repository.

I have followed the handbook closely and haven't deviated from the defaults much except for that I'm using a hardened profile with selinux. I have emerged genkernel

Gentoo package www-client/firefox: Firefox Web Browser in the Gentoo Packages Database. Packages. Get Gentoo! sites. Wiki Bugs Forums Packages. The Gentoo ebuild repository was initially licensed ‘GPL, v2 or later’, as seen in the header above. The ‘or later’ part was removed later. The first commit using pure ‘GPL v2’ seems to be dated 2002-02-09 4. It uses the following heading:

Debian unstable already catched fixes from upstream. The gentoo maintainer of gcc seems to have holidays. I tried to find a way to compile the newer snapshot source. But the Gentoo gcc ebuild is too minimalistic. All is hidden deep into the toolchain eclass The gentoo ebuild system should enable users to build their own overlays not hinder!

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Oct 26, 2008 · All times displayed are in UTC (GMT+0). Contents reflect the opinion of the author, not the Gentoo project or the Gentoo Foundation. The FreeBSD LiveCD Tool Set has a main goal, wich is to allow one to generate their own custom FreeBSD Live CDs. FreeBSD LiveCD was born as a Brazilian FreeBSD User Group ( internal project and technical need. The main subject was to create a tool that would allow us a safe diagnostic method, under emergency enviroments and ...

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Gentoo repositories. Ebuild repositories contain additional packages for your Gentoo system. Gentoo maintains a list of repositories for use in tools such as layman.You can find them below. The Gentoo Devmanual is a technical manual which covers topics such as writing ebuilds and eclasses, and policies that developers should be abiding by. Get Gentoo! sites

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Abeni is an Integrated Development Environment for creating Gentoo Linux ebuild files. It is written in Python using the wxPython GUI library. Features. repoman CVS commits for Gentoo devs; Create patches with ease. Create syntactically correct ebuilds; Access emerge and ebuild commands easily via Toolbar, Fkeys or menu. {"bugs":[{"bugid":664140,"firstseen":"2018-08-20T20:06:40.097436","severity":"normal","status":"CONFIRMED","summary":"dev-haskell\/hscolour-1.24.4: cannot satisfy ...

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Note that this change can be reverted, once the package has been installed. Official Gentoo ebuild repository: Infrastructure team <[email protected]> summary refs log tree commit diff: path: root/sys-apps/ ...
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Code: cat /tmp/sandbox-22649.log VERSION 1.0 FORMAT: F - Function called FORMAT: S - Access Status FORMAT: P - Path as passed to function FORMAT: A - Absolute Path (not canonical) RPM or DEB Package installation on Gentoo Hello All, We have upgraded Gentoo OS from Redhat I need to install Check_mk and Nagios plugins on Gentoo while i am using .rpm packages to install it rpm command not found then i have tried to install rpm first by using emerge -p rpm Gentoo provides one of the best frameworks for providing Python support in packages among operating systems. This includes support for running multiple versions of Python (while most other distributions avoid going beyond simultaneous support for Python 2 and one version of Python 3), alternative implementations of Python, reliable tests, deep QA checks. Highchart bar stack